How to become a member of the Weimaraner Association of Canada:

Membership Application

Interested in the Weimaraner?  You can apply for membership!  Review the Constitution and Code of Ethics, and then fill out the New Member Application and submit it to our Membership Coordinator.

All applicants should be sponsored by a regular member in good standing with the club.  Applicants that lack a sponsor can connect with our Membership Coordinator and be given the name of the closest regular member, who can choose to sponsor the applicant or not.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

The completed application(s) and fees (below) shall be sent to the Membership Coordinator, who will send the relevant information to the Newsletter editor, for publication in the next club Newsletter.  Once that happens, any members in good standing will have 45 days from distribution to submit any comments.  Once the 45 days has elapsed, any comments will be presented to the Board of Directors.  If approved by a Board majority vote, the applicant will become a new member (from the date they submitted their application).  If no comments are received, then the applicant will become a new member.

Then What?

For the first two years, you will be what is called an Associate Member.  This means you are a member, but you won’t be able to vote or hold elected office.  For breeders, you will not be eligible to pay to be on the Breeder’s List until the two years elapses.

Once you complete you’re first 2 years, you will be considered a Regular Member, and you will have voting rights and be able to hold an elected position (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  There are also Directors for each region.  You can find more information about this in the Constitution.

Membership Fees

Single: $25

Family: $30

E-transfers are preferred: