Lifetime Members

At our annual general meeting Barb Williams and Wendy McKay received lifetime membership status. We are appreciative of their dedication to the club serving as executive officers, rescue and as preservation breeders. To learn more about Barb please scroll down.

Pictured below from left to right: Margaret Lehmann ( Western Director), Barb Williams, Tereen Roxburgh ( President)

Barb got her first weimaraner in 1963 as a pet; 12 years later she sought out a second weimaraner for a pet after her loss and was talked into trying out showing for fun.  That began a life devoted to this breed through to the present. There were usually 3, 4 or even more in her home at any point in time.

Upon getting her “show” weimaraner, she sought out others involved in the breed, and thus joined both the Weimaraner Club of America and found there was a Canadian club as well and joined in 1977.  The club was in its infancy and members were mostly all in Ontario and were beginning to feel burn out  in having to keep the club going year after year.  In 1988 Barbara was cajoled into holding the first WAC National outside of the eastern provinces, in Winnipeg, and around the same time encouraged to take over the presidency to give the veterans a break.  She served as President and Past President for several years at that time, and then in the late 90’s once again took over as President and Past President for a number of years.  During this time she was heavily involved in competing in both Canada and the US, and produced a few litters over several years when she needed an addition to her own crew at home.  She also was very involved in the rescue operations of the association serving the Prairies area for many years.    

Barb remains a member after 44 consecutive years, although she lost her last two weimaraners in 2021 and finds it very hard being without a grey one in the home after 58 years of their loving companionship.