About US

The Weimaraner Association had their first meeting on May 18, 1971, at the home of Isabelle and Armand Kirby in Scarborough, ON.  They immediately worked towards club recognition with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

In 1977 the CKC made the club official.The club continued to grow, and today it is truly a National club with representation across the country. The primary function of the club is to:

    • assist and encourage owners in training their dogs in the many and varied venues that the Weimaraner can 

    • encourage using the Weimaraner for their natural purpose in the field.

    • to improve the quality of the Weimaraner, physically and mentally through education and selective breeding practices.

    • to assist Weimaraners in dire need through WAC Rescue.

To this end, the Weimaraner Association of Canada has programs in place and hosts many events annually.  These programs and events are most often specific to the Weimaraner and a there are a few that are limited to members only.